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The Church of „Saint John the Baptizer”, Dumbrăveni Village, Gârceni Commune, Vaslui County
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The Church of „Saint John the Baptizer”, Dumbrăveni Village, Gârceni Commune, Vaslui County  

(code LMI 2004: VS-II-m-A-06793.01)


Built during 1784-1787 and rebuilt in 1818 by priest Grigoraş and his sons, helped by village men and the monarchs Varlaam and Ioasaf. Built in the northern part of the village with on-place wood by the masters Vasilache Trâncă and Iosub Onciul.


It is imposable through the technical ingenuity of the folk masters, the harmony of the volumes, the interior decoration and painting which have wood as support.


Three-apse church, with pentagonal apses, steeples on the nave and narthex, threshold in the west supported on chopped columns tied on the superior with an arch lay-out. It is built of oak beam girder, bound in “straight loop”, on stone foundation and timber support, covered by a four-shade roof and long beam ridge. The nave and the narthex are covered with polygonal sectioned vaults, separated by small arches in carinate fold, supported on pillars with the same profile. The facades, bound by two cordons in distort, are planked with boards. The framework of the door to the narthex with accolade opening is decorated by a border with “saw teeth”, ornaments with motifs of the “spindle” and the “grape vine”, while the framework of the windows are with vegetal motifs. The massive oak door from the narthex preserves the original locking system. On the frontispiece, there is “the palm of the master” and the dates: „1784”, „1818”.


The halidom preserves fragments of paintings supported on wood (the base of the nave vault, the choir, the front and the separating pillars between the nave and the narthex), the ritual stone from the altar (little well) with the Cyrillic inscription from 1787, the iconostasis from 1817, oil on wood, the Moldavian workshop, as well as the pew of the Mother of God and the church chair, all made in the same style.



The Belfry of the Wooden Church of Saint John the Baptizer, Dumbrăveni Village, town of Gârceni, Vaslui County (code LMI 2004: VS-II-m-A-06793.02)   


Built by the community from 1814. It is one of the few belfries from the  bishopric of Huşi that still preserves its initial aspect.


It is remarkable through the artistry of the technical execution and the background with magic signification.


Quadrangular church, with two levels separated by a “saw teeth” cordon, built from oak beam girder bound in “straight loop”, with pillars similar to those from the church threshold, with chopped bases and column heads, bearing the motif of the “tree of life”. The facades are decorated with a median cordon, a frieze of “flakes” and in “wave”. It has open gallery at the level of the bells. The bell was cast in Vienna in 1792.


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