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The „Dormition of the Virgin Mary” Wooden Church, Cârjoani Village, Pogana Commune, Vaslui Conty
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The „Dormition of the Virgin Mary” Wooden Church, Cârjoani Village, Pogana Commune, Vaslui Conty (code LMI 2004: VS-II-m-A-06776)


It was built in 1777 by the parish of the village, with the efforts of priest Neculai and the help of dabster Grigore in the south – west side of the village, in the neighborhood of a huge acacia forest.


It is remarkable through the artistic and technical craftsmanship of the popular master in wood, starting with the vaulting to the closing systems.


It is of rectangular plan, with unhooked apse of the altar, polygonal in five sides, threshold to the west initially open and supported on wooden pillars with openings in foiled arc. The walls which are of oak drift mandrel, closed in “straight loops”, afterwards covered with vertical boards, are built on stone foundation and wooded base. The roof on four shades has long apex of arch. The interior is covered with vaults of polygonal section. The two vaults on the pro-aisle split by a beam in the axle of the church rely on consoles decorated in carinate fold. The vaults on the aisle and the altar decorated with arch ribs “in distort”, Chaterinewheels and caged bases, rely on curved consoles. The passing between the pro-aisle to the aisle is marked by four separating pillars blazed in accolade. The decoration of the facades with median cordons “in distort” and “saw teeth” over the dado is visible from the threshold. The door framework to the pro-aisle in carinate fold is decorated with the motif of the “flakes”, of the “twisted rope”, the “solar disk” and of the “master’s palm”. At the entrance to the pro-aisle, the massive oak door welcomes you with an ingenious opening system with “bolt and handle”, surmounted by the written religious inscription with Cyrillic letters.


On the frontal over the separating pillars there is a fragment of the wood tempera painted iconostasis from the 18th century. The church also shelters ancient epoch furniture and a collection of old books.


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