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„Saint Nicholas” Wooden Church of the former Strâmba Hermitage, Cetătuia Village, Puiesti Commune
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„Saint Nicholas”  Wooden Church of the former Strâmba Hermitage, Cetăţuia Village, Puieşti Commune, Vaslui County (code LMI 2004: VS-II-m-A-06779)



Built by the monk community from Neamţ Monastery, probably in the 16th century, in the south- western fields of Strâmba village (documentary testified even from the 15th century, today’s Cetăţuia). The bell tower added to the threshold was eliminated in the 19th century, the church receiving its original appearance.


It is one of the oldest churches in the Bishopric of Husi that maintains its initial structure and appearance as “fortified church” due to the very small openings, covered with shutters. It presents an archaic variant of plan of rectangular form with unhooked apse of the altar. The initial threshold is open with western entrance. It is built from oak girders built up in “straight loop” on stone and wooden base and in four trends, long eaves with shingle coverage. The aisle is covered with semi-cylindrical vault on consoles with profile in restraint and the pro-aisle is with transversal semi-cylindrical vault. The facades are decorated with a frieze of perches and saw teeth over the dado. The door frameworks from the threshold and aisle are decorated with solar motifs, cordon in distort, flakes and buttons, and the window frameworks have vegetal and star motifs.  It also keeps the wooden shutters at the windows, an old illuminating system of the altar with small windows in shape of four corner stars, a massive wooden door with ironware and a locking system of “fastener and handle”.


The halidom also has a valuable work of plastic art: the iconostasis dated from 1670, richly ornamented in stucco with frames and pillar rope drilling, vegetal and floral motifs with articles and aureole in relief that enframe the painted icons by an unknown author who used the tempera on wood technique.


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